Innovative, High-Tech Wheel Assemblies & Components

Lacks Wheel Trim continues to provide innovative, high-tech solutions for wheel assemblies and components that go beyond bright chrome to allow the customer to choose from a wide spectrum of metal colors, glosses and textures.

Supported by the largest plating capabilities in North America, Lacks produces world-class components in every size and shape for the ideal finishing touch — whether center caps, button caps, wheel covers or dually skins.

Over the years, our performance and capabilities have earned us loyal, long-term relationships with such global partners as Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Chrysler and General Motors.







Chromtec® Wheels

Offering improved appearance with greater design options, Lacks' patented chrome-clad process results in improved quality, fewer warranty claims and greater customer satisfaction. Learn more...

Wheel Ornamentation

Supported by the largest plating capabilities in North America, Lacks produces world-class components in every size and shape for the ideal finishing touch, whether center caps, button caps, wheel covers or dually skins. Learn more...










Chromtec® Wheels

Expert engineering, program management, and advanced processes and innovative R&D place Lacks Wheel Trim Systems at the leading edge of innovation, from small, highly detailed components for exterior ornamentation up to full-size truck grilles and bumper trim.

At Lacks Trim Systems, we work hard to develop new products and processes that deliver unmatched quality and superior performance. Our revolutionary introduction of High Impact Plated Plastic (HIPP-140™) to the industry, for example, is now recognized worldwide for its exceptional impact, fatigue and temperature performance in critical decorative areas such as flexible grilles.

Lacks' innovation has continued with the development of Platinum™ Chrome, a proprietary electroplating process that provides a smooth, warm matte finish for a rich, polished appearance, and Spinelle™ Metal Finish, a multi-coat system that produces a true metal finish available in unlimited colors, glosses and textures. Selective Spinelle™ provides customers with the ability to feature multiple metal finishes on the same part, increasing the dramatic impact.

Our grilles typically feature multi-piece construction and often include emblems, fasteners and attachments. We produce grilles for vehicle of all sizes, from economy size cars to full-size trucks.



Wheel Ornamentation

From computer-controlled molding systems to proprietary paint technologies to the development of plating technologies that are second to none, Lacks Trim Systems is focused on innovative ideas that continue to make us the benchmark in our industry.

Over the years, Lacks has built an impressive reputation for bringing quality and superior craftsmanship to the design, development and production of the most challenging automotive trim components.

Lacks Trim Systems assists customers by providing cost-effective solutions that meet and exceed the most stringent automotive standards. Our product offerings include deckled appliqués, body side moldings, hood moldings, roof rail appliqués, fender vent moldings and pickup truck bed rail protection.

Led by a progressive engineering group supported by a well-staffed and well-equipped research and development team, Lacks Trim Systems offers greater design flexibility without compromising performance or function.

Our finishing technology enables us to decorate vehicle ornamentation in Bright Chrome, Satin Nickel Chrome, Platinum™ Chrome, Spinelle™ metal finish and Brushed Chrome as well as body color paint, and mold-in color polymer.



Hybrid Wheels

eVOLVE™ Hybrid Wheels deliver attractive, highly engineered composite wheels that decrease weight and optimize aerodynamics for increased vehicle MPGs*.

We've taken a very different approach to wheel construction with eVOLVE™ Hybrid Wheels. First, a high-performance backbone is optimized for handling, weight, strength and safety. Next, a design surface is created with one of the many proven metal finishes unique to Lacks Enterprises. Our proprietary process then combines these to create an extraordinarily strong yet lightweight, metal composite wheel that offers the ultimate in design flexibility and fuel efficiency.

Only Lacks has this patented, proprietary composite wheel technology. With eVOLVE™ Hybrid Wheels, you simultaneously upgrade your vehicle's style and MPGs*. See our eVOLVE™ Hybrid Wheels website for complete details and product testing videos.